7 Steps to Quality & Timely Home Construction

February 7th, 2012

The key to quality and timely home construction from start to finish lies in the processes used by knowledgeable construction contractors. Those who are in the construction business and have remained successful have developed a list of steps that must be completed in a methodical manner as well as on schedule. At One-Stop Remodeling, we believe you as the client should understand our process in order to give you peace of mind that your construction project will be done right.

We find successful, stress-free home construction comes from building on a set of systematic procedures which we have developed over our history of successful projects. We find these best practices, listed below, encourage trust with our clients. We do this by establishing definitive cost and time schedule details in advance. We also use the best materials available, never skimping to save money, and we utilize proper measures to protect your home and as well as the environment whenever possible.

One-Stop’s 7 Steps to quality and timely home construction:

  1. The Construction Cost Team is involved in the design process from beginning to end:
    • Develops the scope of planned work
    • Reviews site and plans with all trades (such as electrical and plumbing)
    • Presents the project budget and revises the scope of the project on an as-needed basis
  2. Utilize dust defense and full finish protection
  3. Coordinate team of subcontractors in assigning work
  4. Implement environmental protection measures
  5. Weekly project update meeting of client and Project Manager
  6. Coordinate inspections
  7. Create a punch list near completion

We’ve found attention to detail, upfront cost disclosure, and outstanding customer service earn us the recognition we are proud to make known. Since 1988, One-Stop Remodeling has served the Savannah area with exceptional, quality and timely home construction and customer service.

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