Three Keys to Designing a Beautiful and Hassle Free Home Remodel

January 30th, 2012

If your home is outdated and needs a fresh renovation, take the time to find a reputable remodeling construction business before you go any further; one that simplifies their processes so you can enjoy a professional and hassle-free home remodel. It’s not rocket science, but steps can be used to not only provide trustworthy and quality work, but also by using these methodical procedures you can actually shorten the project time.One-Stop Remodeling implements these three proven steps to ensure a pleasant remodeling experience for our clients.

1. The Design Team should be precise and consistent in beginning the approach to your remodeling project. They should be creative and current with home remodeling design. A knowledgeable team will incorporate the following steps:

  • Measuring project space and creating as-built plans
  • Developing preliminary concepts using 3D drawings
  • Assist clients to make important design selections

2. It is very important for the Construction Cost Team to evaluate the complete project plans to ensure a reasonable and realistic budget. Several of the proven steps are:

  • Develop Scope of Work
  • Review site and plans with all applicable trades
  • Present budget and modify scope as needed

3. The Construction Contract will include all perceivable dates, costs, and factors that may affect your project’s timeline, labor, and materials. Years of experience show that the following items should be evaluated:

  • Fixed price contract with defined payment timetable
  • Guaranteed completion date
  • 3-year warranty

After all a home remodeling project doesn’t have to be drawn out or disruptive, rather it should be hassle-free for the client. The successful remodel contractor knows what works consistently. With this history of experience, knowledge and all the important steps in place, you can have a hassle-free home remodeling design experience. If you agree that a home remodel should be a pleasant experience, contact us at One-Stop Remodeling our impressive design gallery to see examples of our home makeovers.