Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

September 27th, 2011

Families of all sizes find their bathroom needs evolve over time. A couple may grow to a large family only to return again once the kids have left the nest. By remodeling the space, updating to modern conveniences, adding energy saving fixtures, or reconstructing the rooms to their original period style, homeowners find they can remain in and enjoy their existing homes for decades rather than moving with each change.

Enlarge the Space

Consider enlarging your current bathroom, or adding a guest bath. Home renovators offer functional design plans utilizing the best and latest innovations. Many older homes have small master and guest baths that are cramped and have insufficient storage space. The benefit of a bath addition or remodeling an outdated bathroom is that it adds to your home’s resale value. In addition, it is wise to include extra storage space to the bathroom when constructing a total makeover. Bathroom remodeling allows homeowners the option to increase closet space. Consider cabinets and shelves that contain more storage for towels, toiletries, and linens.

Modernize the Features

Energy saving resources makes common sense due to the rising cost of utilities. Save money by installing low flow commodes, hands-free faucets, low flow shower fixtures and instant on tap hot water. There are also many green choices consider; ceramic, marble, granite, wood, metals, and glass are all popular choices and they will most likely use recycled or natural materials.

Safety is another important issue to consider, especially for those who need extra assistance getting in or out of the tub. Walk-in tubs and grab bars provide safe access to the tub and minimize falls.

Restore the Home’s Original Style

Have fun. Imagine a tranquil master bathroom with a whirlpool tub, soft lighting, and elegant fixtures. Bathroom remodels may be the perfect opportunity to refashion the bath’s decor to the era of the home whether farmhouse, Victorian, modern, or nature inspired.

Clearly, bath renovations increase home value, adds modern conveniences and can even help you save energy all the while enjoying a new ambiance and inviting space.