Green Remodeling

October 21st, 2011

Green construction techniques, such as the use of recycled materials or green products, have been hugely successful in reducing the carbon footprint on our planet. As a result, the manufacturers of reusable products are generating beautifully crafted, innovative, low maintenance byproducts. This is good news for homeowners because the market is more competitive, making the use of green products a great choice for home building and custom renovations. Homeowners now have the option to choose top of the line products, while maintaining a healthy environment and home.

No matter how readily available the new products may be, remodeling must start with the design, a green design that begins with your goals in mind. Kitchens and baths are most often renovated because they generally realize the greatest return on investment for the homeowner. However, decor, personal needs, and family size also determine kitchen and bath makeovers. Planning is key: whether you wish to enjoy an artisan kitchen built to entertain your friends, a professional kitchen with impressive commercial appliances, or a galley that is just enough for two, your kitchen design should integrate green products that enhance energy savings as well as the natural beauty of your home.

Recycled products like cork, glass, tile, and reclaimed wood are readily available for flooring, cabinetry, and countertops for remodeling projects. When these materials are coupled with energy saving appliances, homeowners can be assured their home renovations protect our environment while enjoying the beauty and style of personal home design.