Kitchen Remodeling Series: Cabinet/Storage Remodeling

November 14th, 2011

Remodeling the kitchen is a major decision that takes careful time and consideration for everything from layout to style choices. The first step in planning the remodel is acquiring a great designer who is experienced in major renovations, someone who takes a room from an ineffective space to a fabulously appointed kitchen. One of the most important decisions you make involves cabinetry, not only the style but the choice of material you use.

Environmentally friendly, “green” cabinets are a popular choice because fewer toxins are released into your home and our environment. Traditional cabinets may use composite materials that are toxic-ridden due to the adhesives used in fabrication. Even solid wood cabinets that are not identified as green may have toxic sealants and stains used in the construction that may add to an unhealthy environment. Certified green cabinets use plant-based stain, low VOC paint, and non toxic adhesives allowing for cleaner air. Green cabinet wood may also be produced using harvesting techniques that sustain our forests.

Style and storage options are not restricted due to green construction; rather there is a vast array of choices available in green custom cabinetry. You may opt from many of the latest trends in painted, stained, lavishly trimmed or plain front, open glass or solid cabinetry. Design the kitchen using your favorite styles such as Modern, Traditional, French Country, and Tuscan, professional or cozy chic. Your designer has tremendous latitude in the customization of your kitchen.

Perhaps the greatest improvement in kitchen design is the storage and organization options that are available to you. Personalization of your lifestyle is accommodated with useful storage of cookware, linens, large entertainment pieces, and wine racks. What’s more, accessibility is a breeze with slide out shelves, appliance station, and walk-in pantries.

Green construction has healthy benefits for you and it also respects our environment by reducing pollution to the air. For further information about green cabinets, the choices, and the beauty they add to your kitchen remodel, see designs by manufacturers such as Decora, Kitchen Craft and Schrock.