Kitchen Remodeling Series: Kitchen Floor Remodeling

November 22nd, 2011

There are more options for kitchen remodeling than ever before, and flooring choices are no exception. Innovative use of renewable materials that are ecologically sound and safe for our planet is rapidly increasing, making use of resources which are responsibly harvested from overgrown forests such as cork and bamboo.

Let’s look at a few of these flooring choices:

  • Tile is the workhorse of kitchen flooring. There are many interior decors that work well with tile: Tuscan, Provincial, French Country, and Retro subway tiles. Tile comes in numerous sizes and textures and can be laid in various mosaic patterns. Types of material include marble, slate, travertine, ceramic and porcelain. Pros: Durable, stain-free, almost indestructible, good for heavy traffic areas, and many style choices. Cons: The hard surface is not conducive to standing for long periods, periodic grout maintenance is required, and tile is more susceptible to glass breakage.
  • Wood is still one of the more popular choices among floors for kitchen remodeling due to its charm, warmth, and traditional look. Wood flooring generally retains its value because it can be restored many times by sanding and reapplying sealant. Again, the choices are numerous: hickory, cherry, oak, maple, elm, and pine. Wood is also an environmentally friendly product when purchased from manufacturers who make use of responsible engineering. There are other sustainable wood products made from bamboo and cork using replanting methods and clearing overgrowth. Cork and bamboo are durable and “softer” than hard woods, allowing give, which helps with long periods of standing. Pros: Retains value, allows smooth transition from family room, easy to clean, and strikingly beautiful. Cons: Occasional maintenance, and not as waterproof as tile.
  • There are a number of non-traditional flooring choices such as rubber, brick or rock, and concrete. These also have advantages in comfort and ease on muscular skeletal impact, very little maintenance, durability (in some cases lifetime), and exquisite design.

Kitchen floor remodeling is a win-win situation for the homeowner with all the options of material, style, texture, color, patterns, and durable products that are available. Custom remodeling designs built around the dreams and wishes of the homeowner provide a final product that enhances both the beauty and the value of your home.