One Source for All Your Remodeling

February 28th, 2012

Bathroom specialists. Electrical contractors. Kitchen magicians. Interior designers. Plumbers. There’s no shortage of “experts” you can gather to execute your cherished home upgrade. But wouldn’t your life be a lot simpler if you had one source for all your remodeling requirements?

Even the simplest renovation project involves lots of pieces. Unless you’re a professional contractor, you won’t have the skill set to research, evaluate, select, instruct and oversee the group of professionals needed to make your design concept a reality.

Turnkey Remodeling Is the Solution

Consider a turnkey remodeler like One-Stop Remodeling. These are the people that will have a detailed and documented process:

  • Review of your design objectives
  • Measurement of existing space and creation of preliminary plans and 3D renderings
  • Joint selection of materials and fixtures
  • Development of scope of work
  • Selection of best qualified trades
  • Permitting
  • Preparation of fixed price contract with defined payment schedule
  • Creation of construction schedule with defined start and finish dates
  • Continuous on-site monitoring of progress vs. plan
  • Weekly client meetings
  • Coordination of all governmental inspections and approvals
  • Final walk-through
  • Thorough, professional cleaning
  • Implementation three-year warranty

So what are the advantages of one source for all your remodeling? First and foremost, simplicity. You relieve yourself of the burden of finding and managing a horde of subcontractors. You will be assured of continuing, timely progress toward your final design objectives. You’ll enjoy professional oversight and execution of every aspect of your project. Your remodeler will be in charge of all aspects of the project and won’t sub out parts of your work to people they don’t really control. Finally, you will have the advantage of a single resource for any questions, issues or design tweaks that may arise.

Remodeling does not have to be a three ring circus. The right provider will have you relaxing in your stylish, new-look home quickly and with minimum interruption to your daily life. So as you prepare to take your house to the next level of style, choose One-Stop – one proven source for all your remodeling.