Remodeling: A New Home at Your Old Address

February 14th, 2012

More space. An open floor plan. An upgraded kitchen. Another bathroom. All perfectly good reasons for buying a new house. But before you accomplish these objectives by spending big bucks on a new property, consider your more economical Plan B…remodeling: a new home at your old address.

You bought your current home for some very good reasons. Maybe the quality of the neighborhood was a key consideration, or proximity to school and work or a big, fenced back yard. You may want to use your home in different ways than you intended the day you arrived, but that doesn’t mean you have to consider moving. One-Stop Remodeling can help you redesign your current living space in such a way that it meets your new needs while retaining many of the advantages you’ve always enjoyed. A high-quality remodeling project will make your home feel more modern, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the comforts of home that drew you there in the first place. In many ways, remodeling can give you the feeling of a new home at your old address.

Remodeling Saves You Time and Money

A cost comparison can be a real eye-opener. Consult with a remodeler, review your wish list and let them come up with some specifications for you to consider. You will be pleasantly surprised at the pricing and design flexibility they’ll bring to the table. Best of all, you can get exactly what you want without sacrificing your beloved neighborhood.

One-Stop Remodeling will complete your project with minimum interruption to your lifestyle. The finished product will be solidly built, attractive and complimentary to your existing décor. And, we’ll check back after a year to make sure the finished product continues to meet with your approval. At One-Stop, we want you to be a satisfied customer for life.

So why not make your new home place the same as your old one? Let a proven, insured remodeler reinvent your living space to give you all of upgraded features you’re looking for without the hassle and expense of home buying and moving. When the project is done, you can invite family and neighbors over for a housewarming without having to worry about anybody getting lost on the way to the party. Check out One-Stop’s design gallery for a look at some of our remodeling successes.