The Safe Way to Choose a Remodeler

March 20th, 2012

Cable TV and print media are full of horror stories about shoddy remodeling. Unfortunately, anyone with a pickup truck and a box of tools can pass themselves off as an expert. The possible negative consequences include: scam artists who disappear with your deposit, unfinished projects, add-on costs far beyond original estimates and shoddy workmanship. So exactly what is the safe way to choose a remodeler?

Choose A Remodeler Right — Key Considerations

First of all, get references. Don’t settle for the ones they want to give you. Ask them for their five most recent projects. Let’s face it; their website is not likely to have testimonials from any unhappy customers. Actually talk to some of their customers. Be prepared with specific questions that will indicate satisfaction levels not only with the finished project, but also with timeliness, convenience and adherence to budget and project timeline.

Check out their website. Examine the process they will use to execute your project. And if they don’t have a website, assume they are relatively new to the game or don’t have a track record they want to fall back on.

Find out about their pricing structure. Finding out if they offer a fixed, guaranteed price is a key component of the safe way to choose a remodeler.

What are their performance guarantees? Do they offer a warranty? How will they handle any complaints or unresolved issues? Are their employees and workmanship properly insured and bonded? You’ll want ironclad protections in advance.

The final ingredient of how to choose a remodeler the right way: look at some of their work firsthand. Website pictures are great, but they can’t replace a firsthand look. If they have some happy campers on their past customer list, they should be able to easily arrange a quick inspection for you. And it wouldn’t hurt to get a look at a project they have in progress.

Remember, the advance work you put into pre-qualifying your remodeler will guarantee your ultimate peace of mind and satisfaction with your finished project. We think that when you’ve done your due diligence in and around the Savannah area, you’ll be confident in choosing One-Stop Remodeling.